Demolishing residential and sheep barracks in Al-Z’ayem
August 28, 2014

The civil administration’s bulldozers in Jerusalem demolished on Thursday residential barracks as well as other barracks used for raising sheep in the village of Al-Z’ayem and resulted in the displacement of 30 citizens where most of them are children. Joint staff from the civil administration and Israeli forces raided the village of Al-Z’ayem and surrounded the area where the execution was to be executed under the pretext that the lands have been confiscated and it is prohibited to build in those lands; note that the families confirmed their ownership of the lands where they have been living since the 1950’s. Demolishing four residential barracks for Al-Saeedi family and the displacement of 37 individuals The residential barracks that were demolished on Thursday were 5 barracks where four of them were owned by Khader Al-Saeedi and his brothers Nayef, Mohammad and Khalil and the fifth is owned by Ahmad Jahaleen. Al-Saeedi family explained that this is the third time the barracks get demolished in the last two years knowing that the barracks have been given to them by the “OCHA”. Each barracks is 100-square meters and they have been established three years ago. Al-Saeed family added that they bought the land 10 years ago and worked on building the barracks in order to have a home for their families and also built barracks for the sheep they raise and pointed out that the occupation displaced today 37 individuals. The civil administration staff also handed Mohammad Al-Saeedi an order to demolish another residential barracks. The bulldozers also demolished a barracks used for sheep. Demolishing a barrack for Al-Jahaleen family and displacing 13 individuals The bulldozers also demolished a 120-square meters residential barracks for Ahmad Al-Jahaleen that has been established since 1999 and is a home for 13 individuals. They also demolished a barracks used for the sheep that is 250 square meters. Demolishing a cow farm The bulldozers demolished a cow farm owned by Mahmoud Abulhawa.