The injury of the child Mohammad Sinokrot with a rubber bullet in his head
August 31, 2014

The 16-year old Jerusalemite child Mohammad Abdelmajeed Sinokrot was injured on Sunday night with a rubber bullet in his head in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem. Witnesses said that the child was heading towards Abdeen Mosque along with one of his friends to perform the Night Prayer concurrently while a group of Special Forces were raiding the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz and they randomly fired sound grenades and rubber bullets in addition to a tear gas grenade that was fired in between the houses. Witnesses added that one soldier targeted the child Sinokrot and directly hit him from a short distance causing the child to immediately fall on the ground and lose consciousness; note that he was bleeding while on the ground. The Israeli forces disrupted the process of giving the child first aid by assaulting the young men who tried to help and treat him and also disrupted the work of one paramedic that was present in the area even after showing the forces his “paramedic” ID card. The child Sinokrot was first treated at Al-Maqased Hospital where his injury was classified as “serious”. He was then transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital where he underwent a surgery to stop the bleeding and remove a fractured bone from his skull. The child is still in critical condition. 10644872_10202767849779270_4765252895647344967_n