In pictures: Clashes after the Martyrdom of Mohammad Sinokrot
September 7, 2014

Dozens of Palestinian citizens suffocated and were injured with rubber bullets and shrapnel of grenades during clashes that broke out in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz where the Martyr Mohammad Abdelmajeed Sinokrot lived. An official from the Red Crescent paramedics staff, Dr. Amin Abu Ghazaleh, explained that the Red Crescent crews transferred four injuries to the hospitals including a young man who was injured in the head; note that his injury was described as moderate to critical. The staff also treated 13 other Jerusalemites who were injured with rubber bullets and shrapnel of sound grenades. The forces also fired rubber bullets and tear gas grenades towards a group of journalists and injured Nader Bebars. The Martyr’s father was also injured after he was assaulted and the young man Amin Siam was also injured by the forces after he was directly assaulted on his head with the butts of their guns causing him to lose consciousness and throw up blood. The paramedic Mousa Adileh from the “City’s Heart” ambulance was injured with a rubber bullet in his head; note that he is in stable condition. Dozens of other citizens suffocated after the forces randomly fired tear gas grenades in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz. The forces also targeted the residential houses and tight alleys and also targeted the funeral tent of the Martyr Sinokrot. After the announcement of the Martyrdom of the child Sinokrot, the occupation forces were stationed in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz which led to the breakout of clashes with the young men of the neighborhood. Dozens of angry men blocked the main intersections with burning tires and stones. Clashes in Silwan Clashes also broke out in several neighborhoods of Silwan especially in the areas of Batn Al-Hawa, Ein Al-Lozeh and Ras Al-Amoud. Clashes in Shu’fat refugee camp Clashes broke out at the military checkpoint of Shu’fat refugee camp. Esawyeh The Israeli forces closed the main entrance of the village of Esawyeh on Sunday night using iron barriers and soil piles. Autopsy The family’s lawyer confirmed that the Martyr’s body will undergo an autopsy on Monday morning and will be monitored by a Palestinian doctor and will then be handed to the family.  

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