Silwan: Clashes and the forces arrest a child and assault him leaving him with bruises and wounds
September 12, 2014

Clashes broke out on Friday in the neighborhoods of Ein Al-Lozeh, Al-Hara Al-Wusta and Bi’er Ayoub in Silwan where the Israeli occupation forces used sound and tear gas grenades in addition to rubber bullets. The arrest of the child Odai Rajabi and assaulting him The residents of the neighborhood of Al-Hara Al-Wusta in Silwan explained that the Special Forces suddenly raided the neighborhood and chased a group of children who were near their houses. The forces arrested the 10-year old Odai Hazem Khader Rajabi and assaulted him and beat him with the butts of their guns. The child’s mother explained that the soldier beat her child and took his shoes off and said: “While trying to chase him with my neighbor (Um Walid Al-Shaer) in order to release him from the soldiers, the forces fired a sound grenade towards us to prevent us from moving forward.” He added that the forces took her child using violence to Salah Eddin Street police center and the investigator called us three hours later to inform us of his arrest; note that he was interrogated alone. The mother also explained that the investigator threatened her son in order to get a confession of throwing stones, and the forces took the child’s shirt off during the arrest in order to put it on his face to claim that he was masked during the arrest but the child refused and the forces then beat him with the butts of their guns near his eye in addition to holding him from his neck. She added that the police released her child at 6 p.m. on his father’s guarantee and the family then took him to receive treatment for the wound (four stitched). After thy arrest, the soldiers damaged the residents’cars using the butts of their guns for no reason. Bi’er Ayoub Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Israeli forces were stationed in the neighborhood of Bi’er Ayoub since the early morning hours and were randomly stopping passers-by which led to the breakout of clashes where grenades and rubber bullets were randomly fired. The Center’s staff explained that the forces suddenly fired rubber bullets towards of group of people and injured one young man in his foot; note that the injury was described as minor. The forces arrested Samer Idkeidek while he was standing near his workplace (gas station) and also arrested Ahmad Nader Odeh and then released them both. Ein Al-Lozeh Scattered clashes broke out in the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh and the forces fired a sound grenade near two children who were walking in the street. The residents of Silwan complained about the excessive use of tear gas grenades especially in the tight neighborhoods and alleys which leads to many suffocation injuries and also complained about firing rubber bullets towards the residents’ houses and properties.

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