Restrictions on the entrance of Muslims to Al-Aqsa Mosque
September 23, 2014

Dozens of Muslims performed the Dawn Prayer at Al-Aqsa Gates on Tuesday after they were prevented from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque on the eve of the Jewish holidays. Al-Aqsa guards explained that the Israeli police prevented women of all ages and men under the age of 45 from entering Al-Aqsa since the early morning hours. The prevention lasted for several hours and the police tried to prevent Al-Aqsa students from attending their s schools but then allowed the boys to enter through Hutta Gate and the girls through Al-Silsileh Gate. The police closed most of Al-Aqsa Gates except for Hutta, Al-Silsileh and Al-Majles Gates. Dozens of Muslim worshippers also performed the Noon Prayer at Al-Aqsa Gates as they were still prevented from entering and the forces used force to take a woman outside the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque and prevented her from praying. The forces also assaulted a group of worshippers just minutes before the Noon Prayer where most of them were women; note that they used pepper spray during their assault. The police arrest Dr. Hikmat Na’amneh.