Sentencing a Jerusalemite child…extension of arrest and releases
September 23, 2014

The District court judge sentenced on Tuesday the child Rashid Risheq for four months of actual imprisonment. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the child Risheq has to turn himself in at the beginning of next July (after he finishes the current school-year). Risheq was arrested for one and a half months and was released on condition of house arrest. On Tuesday, the house arrest period was over and he was sentenced in the District court. The Magistrate court judge extended on Tuesday the arrest of the child Emad Abu Ghannam for one day; note that he was arrested on Monday night from Al-Tur on suspicion of throwing stones. The judge also extended the arrest of Ayoub Ghrayeb until 2/10/2014 and Majd Gheith until 29/9/2014. The District court judge also decided on Tuesday to release Mohammad Seif during the session of the “conduct officer”. He was released with a 15-thousand NIS bail and a third-party bail in addition to deporting him to his uncle’s house where he will be under house arrest. The public prosecution submitted on Tuesday an indictment against the child Mohammad Abu Hummus from the village of Esawyeh and extended his arrest until 2/10/2014 in order to discuss the possibility of releasing him with a financial bail. In a related matter, the prosecution also submitted I indictments against Mahmoud Abu Sneineh, Yazan Alayan and Majd Halayqa. The police extended on Tuesday the arrest of Mohammad Khalil Abeesan “Abbasi” for one day; note that the Israeli forces raided his house on Tuesday early morning hours in the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh but Mohammad was not home. The forces handed his family a call for investigation after they searched the house. Abbasi family explained that the police called Mohammad’s entire family members to interrogate them on Wednesday.