The police prevent a wedding procession for a Jerusalemite groom
September 26, 2014

The Israeli police prevented on Thursday night the wedding procession of Amjad Akawi from leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque towards his house in the Old City of Jerusalem. Witnesses said that police individuals were deployed on Thursday night at Al-Majles Gate where they established iron barricades and prevented the young men from proceeding with the wedding procession of Ahmad Akawi and threatened to arrest him. A family member explained that the police called the groom Akawi on Thursday along with his father and threatened them to carry out the wedding procession from Al-Aqsa towards their house in the Old City under the pretext of “raising flags and banners and chanting various political slogans.” It is noteworthy that most young men from the Old City carry out wedding processions on the eve of their weddings which usually launches from Al-Aqsa towards the groom’s house and passes through the neighborhoods of the Old City.