In pictures: The Israeli authorities prevent thousands of Muslim worshippers from performing the Dawn and Friday Noon Prayers at Al-Aqsa
September 26, 2014

The Israeli authorities prevented thousands of Palestinians from performing the Friday Noon Prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque after imposing restrictions of the entrance of men under the age of 50. Prayers were held in the streets of Jerusalem and the roads leading to Al-Aqsa and also near Al-Aqsa Gates and the police video recorded the “Street Prayers”. The police were deployed in the streets of Jerusalem and the Old City since the early morning and established iron barricades and blocked the roads. Hey also prevented the citizens and worshipers from moving freely and checked the IDs of young men and searched the women. The Israeli forces fired a sound grenade in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud and chased some children in Silwan.  






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