The police arrest two women and one man from Al-Aqsa Mosque…extension of arrest
September 29, 2014

The occupation police arrested two women and one man on Monday from the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Witnesses said that the occupation forces arrested Rania Abulhawa, Islam Abu Sneineh and her husband from the courtyards of Al-Aqsa and took them to Al-Silsileh Gate police station and then transferred them to Al-Qishleh station in the Old City of Jerusalem. On the other hand, the lawyer of Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Khalil Abeesan, Mahmoud Jamal Gheith and Jamal Da’na until next Thursday. He added that the judge also extended the arrest of Omar Firawi until Tuesday. The Judge also sentenced Yousef Abu Hummus and Bilal Nofal for actual imprisonment of two and a half months; note that he decided to release them last Sunday with a 5-thousand financial bail and house arrest conditions but the decision was appealed and they were sentenced to actual imprisonment since their families were unable to pay the bail. In a related matter, a witnesses’ hearing session was held last Sunday for Mohammad Zaghal and he was acquitted of the charges of throwing stones and was only convicted of participating in an illegal protest.