Arresting the twins Mohammad and Ali Shyoukhi
October 8, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday early morning the 17-year old Mohammad Shyoukhi and his twin brother Ali after raiding their home in Silwan. The boys’ mother told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation police raided their house after surrounding it. They broke the main door and then broke into the bedroom of Mohammad and Ali and detained them in one of the house’s rooms; they also detained all family members in a different room and prevented them from moving or talking. Shyoukhi added that the forces assaulted her and hit her on her stomach and hit her son on his shoulder and threatened her daughter Su’ad with an electric gun. The forces meant to scare the residents of the house especially the children; note that her daughter who suffers from a disability suffered a state of fear during the raid. Shyoukhi continued that she requested the soldiers not to come near her sick daughter but they didn’t care; note that she goes to a boarding school but was home to spend Al-Adha holiday with her family. She also said that the Magistrate court extended the arrest of her sons to present them to court next Sunday and Monday on charges of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails in Silwan. Shyoukhi pointed out that Mohammad was arrested three times during the last two months; once on 28/8/2014 while leaving Al-Aqsa and was isolated from Al-Aqsa for 21 days, and the second time was in mid September. Mohammad was arrested five times while Ali was arrested twice. The first time was when they were 12 years old and they were arrested during the arrest of their sister Su’ad. She added that her son Firas is detained in Rimon prison and her son Fares is under house arrest until completing the legal procedures against him.