Settlers remove “Islamic banners” from Qadamani family’s house and give hand them to the dogs
October 16, 2014

The Qadamani family members in the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh were surprised on Wednesday when a group of settlers from the settlement of Bet Aort raided the premises of their home and removed “Islamic banners” that were hung on the walls. Witnesses explained that more than 30 settlers from Bet Aort settlement including women, young men and children carried out a tour in the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh. Upon arrival neat the Qadamani family house, two settlers broke into the premises of the houses and took down “Islamic banners” (No God but God and Mohammad is his Prophet) and then gave them to the dog they had with them. Witnesses also said that a surveillance camera monitored the serious violation of the settlers as they broke into the premises of the house and climbed on its walls and windows; note that the settlers were armed with machine guns and none of the Qadamani family members were home.