Demolishing three residential homes in Al-Tur owned by Al-Zar’ee family
October 21, 2014

The Bet El bulldozers demolished on Tuesday morning three residential homes and three sheep barracks in the area of “Maghayer Al-Jarah” in A;-Tur in the city of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit. The homes are owned by Khader Al-Zar’ee, his mother, his brother As’ad and Shihdeh and his aunt. They have been established since the 1980’s and are built from bricks and roofed with tin plates. The areas of the three homes are 80, 70 and 55 square meters and they all consist of two rooms and their facilities. Al-Zar’ee family explained that 23 people lived in the homes that were demolished and they confirmed that the demolition process was carried out without prior notice by the Israeli authorities. The family added that the forces raided the homes after breaking the main doors. They forced the residents outside the homes and prevented them from getting near the homes for whatever reason. The bulldozers also demolished three sheep barracks used for sheep, poultry and pigeons and they are 200 square meters.