The Israeli authorities arrest the brother and cousins of Abdulrahman Shallodi
October 22, 2014

The Israeli occupation arrested on Wednesday night the 15-year old Izz Eddin Shallodi, the brother of Abdulrahman Shallodi, while he was at Shaare Zedek Hospital to check on his injured brother; note that he was transferred to Al-Maskobyeh cells in order to be interrogated. Abdulrahman’s mother explained that the Israeli forces arrested several of her son’s cousins when they were also at the hospital to check on their cousin. She also added that the police refused to tell them where their son is being treated and they were forced to go to Hadassah Hospital in Esawyeh and Ein Kerem and then to Shaare Zedek where they found him; note that the medical staff in Shaare Zedek refused to give the family any information regarding their son’s condition.