Arrests…extensions of arrests in Jerusalem
October 22, 2014

The lawyer of Prisoner’s Club, Mufeed Al-Hajj, said on Wednesday that the Magistrate court in Jerusalem extended the arrest of six Jerusalemites. The judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Abu Sharkh and his brother Mahmoud in addition to Hamzeh Khalaf until Sunday under the pretext of the presence of evidence and an indictment will be submitted against them. He also extended the arrest of three other minors until Thursday, they are: Yusri Aweida, Mohammad Hadeeb and Ahmad Bakri. The occupation police arrested on Wednesday eight Jerusalemites including six minors. They are: Ali Julani (16), Jihad Baytouni and Bilal Abu Hamdieh and they are all from the Old City of Jerusalem. Al-Hajj explained that a session will be held for the three detainees in order to extend their arrest on Wednesday while the police are still detaining eight other minors and they are: Mahdi Hijazi, Tarek Manasra, Mohammad Abu Sneineh, Hamzeh Abu Nimer, and Mus’ab Abu Nimer. In the same context, the Magistrate court decided to release the 46-year old Samer Eid on conditions of a personal bail, a third-party bail, house arrest until 24/10/2014 and isolation from his workplace until the end of the current month; note that Eid is a merchant and owns a store I the Old City of Jerusalem. The arrests came within a series of arrests carried out by the occupation police after the occupation authorities decided to form a special unit to counter protests and demonstrations in Jerusalem due to the daily break-ins of the settlers to Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli police. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the District court judge extended the arrest of Jamal Da’na, Ahmad Da’na, Mohammad Abbasi, Mahmoud Dweik and Ali Rawhi Da’na until completing the legal procedures against them; note that the lawyer challenged the evidence submitted against them. The judge also convicted the minor Ammar Atyeh with charges of throwing stones and sentenced him for a suspended probation of 4 months for 3 years. The forces arrested on Wednesday Ahmad Gheith and released him later that day with a third-party bail and house arrest for 10 days. They also arrested Mohammad and Hamzeh Gheith and submitted a prosecutor’s permit to submit an indictment against them. Mohammad Da’na was presented to court on Wednesday in a “witnesses hearing” session and another session has been scheduled on 18/12/2014; note that he is under house arrest. In a related matter, the Magistrate court extended the arrest of Izz Eddin Aton, Mahmoud Aton, Obaida Aton and Ayoub Afaneh on charges of membership in Hamas Movement.