Revealing the reasons behind the Martyrdom of Abdulrahman Shallodi
October 24, 2014

After conducting an autopsy on the body of the 20-year old Martyr Abdulrahman Shallodi in Abu Kbeir Institute and under the supervision of the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Dr Saber Al-Aloul, the report revealed that reasons that led to the Martyrdom of Abdulrahman last Wednesday night. According to what Dr Al-Aloul informed Al-Dameer organization lawyer who is following up with Shallodi’s case since he was injured, Mohammad Mahmoud, the main reason behind his Martyrdom was the fact that he was being left bleeding for a long time and was not treated immediately. According to the initial report issued by the Forensic Medicine, the Martyr was injured with three bullets: one in his back that damaged his liver and cut one of the kidneys’ veins, another in his left leg and a third one in his right testicle.