Extending the arrest of 10 Jerusalemites and releasing three others
November 25, 2014

Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the Magistrate court judge extended on Monday the arrest of Ahmad Ghazaleh and Ehab Hadreh until 1/12/2014; note that they are being interrogated in Al-Maskobyeh cells. The judge also extended the arrest of Hamzeh Afaghani and Omar Halseh until Thursday, and Hani Gheith until Wednesday, and Mahmoud Dari and Mustafa Abu Asab until Tuesday. The lawyer added that the District court judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Zidani and Ali Obeidyeh until 9/12/2014 which is when the so-called “conduct officer” will release hi report. The judge decided to release the photographer of “Silwanic” website, Majd Gaith, with a third-party bail; note that he was arrested on Monday early morning on charges of participating in an illegal march and assaulting a settler. In a related matter, lawyer Mahmoud said that the District court judge extended on Sunday the arrest of Mohammad Firawi from the Old City of Jerusalem until 9/12/2014 to continue hearing the witnesses against the charges of throwing a big rock at a police officer and severely injuring him. The Magistrate judge released on Sunday Sameh Karaki and Ahmad Siam on conditions of house arrest for 5 days and a 500-NIS bail for each; note that they were detained for several hours.