The Israeli forces arrest 11 Jerusalemites including minors and one woman
December 10, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday early morning 11 Jerusalemites including minors after raiding their houses in the neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Israeli forces arrested the minors Ayoub Abu Asab and Hussein Darwish, Abeer Ziad who is a member of Fateh Movement in Jerusalem, Mutasem Gheith, Hamzeh Shweiki, Mohammad Aweis, Majd Abdullah Aweis, Louai Za’atra, Mohammad Hussein Aweis and Ahmad Ghrayeb. The forces also arrested Mohammad Zghayyar. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the Israeli forces transferred the detainees to Al-Maskobyeh for interrogation.