Arresting Ibrahim Abu Gharbyeh and other minors…and raiding the Hashlamon family house
December 14, 2014

The Israeli forces arrested on Sunday night the 39-year old Ibrahim Abu Gharbyeh who is responsible for the Youth of Fateh Movement in Jerusalem, and extended his arrest for one day. The Israeli police said that they also arrested on Sunday afternoon two minors from Sultan Suleiman Street on suspicion of throwing stones at an Israeli (Egged) bus. The Special Forces broke into the house of Abu Tarek Hashlamon in Oqbat Al-Saraya in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday in a provocative way under the pretext of “accumulation of unpaid taxes; note that the family pay their monthly payment of the property tax. The forces forced the family to pay 2500 NIS immediately as a first payment to what they owe.