Arresting the freed Jerusalemite prisoner Ibtisam Essawi
December 17, 2014

The head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee, Amjad Abu Asab, said that an Israeli force raided on Wednesday night the house of the 46-year old Ibtisam Abed Essawi in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber and arrested her and took her to Al-Maskobyeh detention center. Ibtisam is a freed prisoner and was released three years ago in the “Shalit deal” after she spent 10 years inside the occupation’s prisons; note that she was sentenced for 15 years of actual imprisonment. Ibtisam is married and has six children. The occupation authorities had arrested seven freed Jerusalemite prisoners who were released in the “Shalit deal” and then resentenced six of them.