Releasing a journalist photographer…extensions of arrest and releases
December 19, 2014

The Magistrate court judge decided on Friday to release the journalist photographer Abdulafo Zghayyar on condition of isolation from the Old City of Jerusalem for 15 days; note that he was arrested on Thursday after being assaulted by the settlers who broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque. In a related matter, Al-Dameer organization lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said that the Magistrate judge extended on Friday the arrest of the 17-year old Islam Saleh until Sunday; note that Saleh was arrested on Thursday afternoon from Al-Tur on charges of throwing stones. The lawyer added that the judge decided to release 4 minors who were arrested on Friday morning, they are: Mohammad Idkeidek, Mohannad Da’aseen, Ahmad Tamimi and Ady Dajajneh on condition of house arrest for 5 day and a third-party bail of 2500 NIS for each. The judge also released the minor Shaker Mustafa with a 750-NIS bail and house arrest for 5 days; Mustafa was arrested on Thursday. In a related matter, lawyer Mahmoud added that the Magistrate judge extended on Thursday the arrest of the minors Ala’ Saleh, Bashar Mahmoud and Wasim Shawish until Sunday, and released Omar Mheisen who was charged with incitement on Facebook.