The municipality punishes the “convicted of throwing stones” by issuing administrative demolition fines to their houses!!!
December 22, 2014

The municipality crews along with the Israeli forces handed on Monday an administrative demolition order to the house of the Jerusalemites Akram Shurafa who is isolated from the city of Jerusalem; note that he live in his grandparents’ houses that was built in 1938 (i.e. before the Israeli occupation). Akram’s mother was surprised when the municipality crews and the forces raided their house in Al-Tur east of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem and after asking about Akram who is isolated from Jerusalem, they handed her the administrative demolition order; note that the house is owned by Akram’s mother according to the official documents and only five years ago her son moved in to live her along with his family. Akram explained that the house is only 68 square meters and his mother, wife and two children live in the house. Shurafa explained that the Israeli authorities isolated him from the city of Jerusalem at the beginning of the current month for a period of five months under the pretext of “posing threat to the security of the state”. In a related matter, the occupation’s municipality distributed for the second consecutive day demolition orders in the city of Jerusalem where most of the orders were for residential establishments that have been built more than 20 years ago. The strange thing was the distribution of demolition orders to houses that are not built and to Jerusalemites who are currently renting apartments. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that that municipality crews distributed more than 10 administrative demolition orders in Al-Tur. Among those affected were Tala Sayyad, Nadia Mughrabi, Abdullah Hadreh, Marwan Hussein, the families of Abulhawa and Mahmoud and others. The Jerusalemite activist, Tala Sayyad, explained that the forces raided his house on Sunday and handed him the administrative demolition order, he said: “I don’t own a house, I have been living here for 20 years in this residential building and I am renting the apartment…Is the municipality chasing our dream???” Sayyad pointed out that the Musta’ribeen unit recently arrested his son from Al-Tur. Sayyad added that the municipality also handed him an administrative demolition order under the name of “Basel Sayyad” for demolishing his house that does not exist; note that Basel was arrested during the most recent incidents. Sayyad predicts that this could be a new policy against Jerusalemites to punish them by handing them administrative demolition orders for old houses or houses that do not even exist especially to Jerusalemites activists or Jerusalemites who are arrested or their sons were arrested.