Sharing, liking and commenting on Facebook pages are now prohibited and Jerusalemites could be prosecuted for such actions!!!
December 23, 2014

Writing your opinion on your own Facebook page, sharing, liking or commenting are now all prohibited by the Israeli unjust procedures where Jerusalemites could be arrested and interrogated if doing any of the above mentioned actions. Last week, eight Jerusalemites were arrested for publishing opinions on their personal Facebook page regarding the recent incidents in Jerusalem. The indictments showed that the occupation had been monitoring what the young men published since last June especially when the three settlers were kidnapped. The occupation’s Intelligence considered the news of kidnapping and burning the child Abu Khdeir, the war on Gaza and the incidents of running over and stabbing settlers to be incitement materials that led to the escalation of the situation in Jerusalem and encouraged citizens to carry out attacks against innocent people; note that they were also charged with being racist. The indictments stated in details what each of the young men shared or published on his page and the time of sharing in addition to the number of likes, shares and comments he received from friends. It also concentrated on the comments that included “inciting” pictures. The detainees who will be presented to the Magistrate court on Tuesday are: Omar Shalabi, Naser Hidmi, Odai Sinokrot, Tarek Kurd, Fouad Rweidi, Ibrahim Abdeen, Sami Idais and Odai Bayoumi. Examples of the indictments… Odai Bayoumi wrote on his page “It is nice to kidnap soldiers, we will go back to Ashdod and step on the Jews with our feet”, “We’re all Hamas”, “We want war, and we want Intifada”. The indictments also mentioned that Bayoumi shared a video about the operations of the resistance and the Palestinian flag. The indictment against Omar Shalabi mentioned that he wrote “Hope Galik won’t come back and goes to hell and to die like a dog” after Galik as shot. Odai Sinokrot wrote “Watch out for natural death and only pass away as a Martyr”. Ibrahim Abdeen talked about the run-over incident that occurred in Jerusalem.