The bodies of the two Martyrs from Abu Al-Jamal family will be handed to their families in the upcoming days
December 24, 2014

After 36 days, the occupation agrees to give the bodies of the Martyrs Ghassan and Odai Abu Al-Jamal to their families. The legal advisor of the Israeli police made a decision on Wednesday to hand-over the bodies of the two Martyrs Ghassan and Odai Abu Al-Jamal to their families in the next few days. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained in press release on Wednesday that the Israeli Intelligence held a “special” meeting on Wednesday in the presence of the lawyer Mahmoud, Ghassan’s father and his brother Mouawya to discuss the hand-over of the Martyrs’ bodies. The decision of releasing the bodies came with the following conditions:

  • The bodies of the two Martyrs will be buried in the cemetery of the Eastern Sawahreh no later than next Sunday.
  • No more than 40 people from Abu Al-Jamal family can attend the funeral.
  • The family has to deposit 20 thousand NIS to the Israeli police to ensure compliance with the conditions listed above.
Lawyer Mahmoud explained that he prepared an appeal on Tuesday to submit to the Israeli Supreme court because of the delay of the Israeli police to give a final answer regarding the Martyrs’ bodies. A copy of the appeal was sent to the public prosecution who responded this morning and agreed to release the bodies in the next few days. The lawyer added that the Intelligence held a special session at Al-Maskobyeh police center to discuss the conditions of releasing the bodies. He also added that the Israeli Prime Minister recommended the conditional release of the Martyrs’ bodies to their families. The lawyer warned of the dissemination of any inaccurate news regarding the Martyrs’ bodies and insisted on being very careful when discussing this matter. Lawyer Mahmoud had followed up with the case of the Martyrs’ bodies for the past 36 days and since the very first moment of their Martyrdom. He sent several official letters to the legal advisor of the Israeli police, the police and the Israeli Intelligence and carried out daily calls and court session at the Israeli courts where he always requested the release the bodies in order to prevent the burial in the so-called "Cemetery of Numbers." The 31-year old Ghassan Abu Al-Jamal and the 22-year old Odai Abu Al-Jamal carried out an attack on a Jewish synagogue in the village of “Der Yassin” on 18/11/2014. They were killed by the Israeli police after clashing with them and after the efforts made by lawyer Mahmoud, the Israeli authorities agreed to release the bodies.