Al-Tur: the injury of a young man in his face
January 24, 2015

The 20-year old Jerusalemite Sa’d Eddin Samir Abu Sneineh was injured on Saturday night with a rubber bullet in his face while he was in front of his house in Al-Tur. Hussam Abu Sneineh, Sa’d Eddin’s uncle, explained that his nephew was injured after he left his house when the Israeli forces were randomly firing rubber bullets without any clashes occurring in the area; note that he was only few meters away from the forces when he was shot. Abu Sneineh added that he nephew was injured in his forehead (above his eye) and was transferred to Al-Maqased hospital and then to St. Joseph Eye hospital and then to Shaare Zedek hospital. He explained that the medical staff was doing the necessary procedures and check-ups as he suffered bleeding and rapture in the skin. Hussam confirmed that the family will file a claim against the forces who shot his nephew when there were no clashes in the area whatsoever. On the other hand, the Israeli forces arrested a 16-year old child after altercations broke out between a group of young men and one settler in Al-Wad Street after the settler verbally assaulted the young men and group of women who were also in the area. The forces also arrested a young man from the area of Damascus Gate and severely beat him Limited clashes broke out in Wad Al-Joz in “Al-Maqdisi” Street.