The occupation raids three houses and arrests three citizens
January 28, 2015

The occupation forces raided three residential houses and two commercial stores in the city of Jerusalem on Wednesday. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces raided the house of the Jerusalemite prisoner Naser Hidmi and the house of the freed prisoner Thaer Abu Lafi in the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh. The freed prisoner Thaer Abu Lafi explained that a large Israeli force suddenly raided s house and completely searched all the rooms under the pretext of “searching for terrorist equipment” as ordered by the Israeli court. Abu Lafi added that the forces also raided and searched his house a month ago and confiscated three cell phones and an Ipad back then. The forces also raided a studio for Shalabi family in Salah Eddin Street and assaulted the 42-year old Usama and his 49-year old brother Hussein and then arrested them and took them to Al-Maskobyeh for interrogation on charges of “assaulting a soldier and obstructing his work”; the police extended their arrest for one day. The forces also raided another clothing store (Elia’ Sport) in Sultan Suleiman Street and arrested one young man after searching the store. They also raided the house of the freed prisoner Ubai Mohammad Odeh in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem. Rawda Odeh said that Special Forces, borders police, police and Israeli Intelligence raided the house and precisely searched it. During the search, the forces confiscated some documents including birth certificates, marriage certificated, books and a cell phone and also handed Ubai a call for interrogation at Al-Maskobyeh. Odeh also pointed out that the forces raided the family’s house a month ago and confiscated seven laptops, an Ipad and a cell phone and arrested Ubai who was interrogated for several hours. Odeh added that the forces took two dogs from the family’s garden a month ago. After checking them and making sure they were licensed, the authorities brought them back.

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