Arrests…extensions of arrest…releases
January 28, 2015

Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the Magistrate judge decided to release two minors from the village of Esawyeh with a financial bail and house arrest conditions. The lawyer explained that the decision is considered to be the first order issued by the Israeli courts since last July where defendants are released without being isolated from their homes. Since July, the prosecution and judges meant to include the condition of isolating among the release conditions. Lawyer Mahmoud pointed out that the two minors were arrested at the beginning of the year and were transferred to Ofek prison after they were interrogated at Al-Maskobyeh. In a related matter, the Magistrate judge decided to extend the arrest of Basel Qutob and Ahmad Bakri until Friday and released Emad Bari with a 1000-NIS bail, house arrest for 5 days and a third-party bail of thousand NIS. The Magistrate judge sentenced on Wednesday Rami Barat for three and a half months; note that he’s been detained since last October and was immediately released from the court. The judge also extended the arrest of Ahmad Zmurod and Issa Shawi until completing all the legal procedures against them. The Israeli forces arrested on Wednesday Mohammad Abu Tayeh from Silwan as he was coming back from Jordan through the King Hussein crossing and was transferred to “Petah Tekva” police center for interrogation. The head of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee explained that the occupation authorities arrested on Tuesday the free Jerusalemite prisoner Mahmoud Abdellatif while he was in the neighborhood of Al-Wad in the Old City of Jerusalem. Mahmoud was taken to Al-Qishleh center and was secretly transferred to an Israeli hospital at night due to his medical condition; note that he recently underwent a surgery in his hand after suffering a severe fracture.