Soldiers detain a student from Shu’fat refugee camp under the pretext of impersonating her sister
January 29, 2015

The “borders police” soldiers stationed at the military crossing of Shu’fat refugee camp detained on Wednesday the 16-year old student Inas Omar Tamimi who is a resident of the neighborhood of Ras Khamis and tried to arrest her under the pretext of impersonating her sister. Inas’s mother said that the soldiers stopped the busses like the usual and checked the IDs of the passengers. The soldier asked Inas to show him her birth certificate and asked her about her name and she answered “Inas” but the name on the certificate was “Iman” and so the soldier asked her to get off the bus and detained her in a room at the crossing. The mother added that her daughter took her sister’s certificate by mistake and the soldiers detained her daughter and interrogated her on charges of impersonating her sister. They verbally assaulted her and tried to arrest her and take her to Al-Maskobyeh detention center but Inas called her mother who immediately came to the military crossing and brought Inas’s certificate and showed it to the soldiers; Inas was released being detained for an hour and a half.