Extending the arrest of a Jerusalemite and two young men from Nazareth
March 29, 2015

The Israeli police extended on Sunday the arrest of a Jerusalemite woman and two young men from the 1948 lands (Nazareth) for 24 hours on charges of “assaulting police individuals and behaving to raise riots”. Lawyer Ramzi Kateelat from Qudsuna Organization for Human Rights explained that the police arrested on Sunday Sameeha Shahin after exiting Al-Aqsa Mosque; he noted that one policeman violently pushed her inside Al-Silsileh Gate police station; she was then transferred to Al-Qishleh police station. The lawyer added that the police arrested the 17-year old Mohammad Zu’bi and the 17-year old Ahmad Husseini who are both from the 1948 lands. The police assaulted and severely beat them during the arrest and while they were inside the police station and injured them with bruises in addition to tearing their clothes. It is noteworthy that the occupation forces arrested the woman and two young men near Al-Silsileh Gate (one of Al-Aqsa gates) which led to the breakout of verbal altercations and a state of tension in the area.