Kifah Da’na self-demolishes part of his house
March 29, 2015

Kifah Da’na (Abu Maher) self-demolished on Sunday part of his house in the Old City of Jerusalem to avoid paying “high fines” to the occupation municipality. Abu Maher explained that he built a kitchen and a bathroom 15 years ago that are only 10 square meters in his house near Al-Silsileh Gate. Six years ago, he received a demolition order from the municipality under the pretext of building without a permit. Abu Maher added that he was able to postpone the demolition all those years and he paid more than 60 thousand NIS in fines; he was forced to execute the municipality’s order on Sunday to avoid paying the municipality’s demolition costs. Da’na explained that he was able to obtain a permit to renovate his house due to the continuous problems in the infrastructure and the humidity in the walls. He explained that the municipality and the “Antiquities Authority” imposed many conditions and restrictions before giving him the permit to renovate his house. 12 22