The occupation arrests eight Jerusalemites from Esawyeh, Silwan and Shu’fat
April 13, 2015

The occupation forces arrested on Monday early morning eight Jerusalemites from the village of Esawyeh, the neighborhood of Shu’fat and Silwan. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the occupation forces arrested the 16-year old Mohammad Nidal Abu Khdeir and the 16-year old Mohammad Ahmad Abu Khdeir from Shu’fat. The forces also arrested four young men from the village of Esawyeh, they are: Mohammad Kayed Mahmoud, Anas Obeid, Mousa Obeid and Yazan Amjad Mheisen. The 15-year old Mohammad Al-Qaq and the 15-year old Amir Farroukh were arrested from the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan. On the other hand, the Israeli forces arrested on Sunday night the 38-year old Jawad Burqan after raiding his house in “Al-Sumoud building” in Sheikh Jarrah. The Magistrate judge decided on Sunday to release Hazem Sharabati with on conditions of a financial bail and isolation from Al-Aqsa Mosque.