In pictures: Demolishing a residential building in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz
April 14, 2015

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday a residential building under construction in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz in Jerusalem. According to the information available to Wadi Hilweh Information Center, the 4-storey building is 320 square meters in which the fourth floor is ready for moving-in and consisted of three apartments while the other floors were still under construction; note that construction stopped due to an order issued at the beginning of the year by the occupation’s municipality. The Center was informed that construction stated in July 2014 and the municipality issued an order to demolish the building under the pretext of building without a permit on 19/12/2014. The owners headed to court and were able to postpone the demolition several times and tried to obtain a building license throughout the last months but to no avail. It is noteworthy that the occupation forces raided the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz along with the municipality’s bulldozers in the early morning and witnesses said that the demolition process started around 4:30 a.m.