Extensions of arrest…and sentences
April 14, 2015

The Magistrate court judge extended on Tuesday the arrest of Fouad Al-Qaq and Ali Da’na until 21/04/2015; note that they are being interrogated at Al-Maskobyeh cells. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, said that the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Mohannad Gheith and Kamal Alami until 30/04/2015 and Yazan Alayan until 21/05/2015 which is when the so-called “conduct officer” will release an additional report. The judge also extended the arrest of Mahdi Sayyad, Yousef Abu Jom’a and Mohammad Mughrabi until 12/05/2015. The lawyer added that the Magistrate judge sentenced the minor Mohammad Idkeidek for a suspended probation of 4 months for 3 years, a 4800-NIS fine and a 70-hour course and 12 months monitoring with the social worker. The judge also sentenced Ahmad Abu Sbitan and Amir Abu Sbitan for public work of 160 hours, a 1000-NIS fine and a suspended probation of 5 months for two years for each.