The occupation raids the house of the Marty Abdulrahman Shallodi
April 14, 2015

The employees of the occupation municipality along with Special Forces raided on Tuesday the house of the Martyr Abdulrahman Shallodi in the neighborhood of Al-Bustan in Silwan. The Martyr’s mother explained that the municipality crews raided the houses and took pictures of all the facilities and also damaged old furniture using light tools. She also explained that the house was “blown-up” on 19/11/2014 and was never renovated or fixed. The family closed the house with a door to prevent the building’s children from entering the house and risk their lives. Shallodi passed away on 22/10/2014 after he was shot with three bullets from close distance after he ran over a group of Israelis at the light rail’s station in Sheikh Jarrah.