The family of Khaled Qutteineh denies that their son carried out a run-over attack in Jerusalem
April 16, 2015

The family of Khaled Zuheir Qutteineh denied the claims of the occupation police and the Israeli media that the accident Khaled had was deliberate on a terrorist background. The occupation forces along with Israeli Intelligence raided and searched Qutteineh family house in the neighborhood of “Dahyet Al-Salam” and confiscated a computer and a cell phone. The Intelligence interrogated Khaled’s wife and called Khaled’s parents and his brother Mohammad for interrogation on Thursday night. Khaled’s wife said that her husband left the house on Wednesday night to drop off his parents to their house in the Old City concurrently with the heavy rainfall the city of Jerusalem witnesses. She added: “What happened with Khaled is a normal accident because of the bad weather conditions. I only found out about this morning from my mother-in-law and I was surprised especially because my husband doesn’t have any political interests and he does not even watch the news.” Qutteineh got married last November and they are expecting their first baby in the new few months. She explained that her husband has been working in cleaning the mosques in the neighborhood of Ras Shihadeh in Anata for several months. The accident occurred on Wednesday night after Khaled lost control of his vehicle in the area of Mount Scopus in Street Number 1 and seriously injured two Israeli; note that one of them was announced deal on Thursday night The Israeli police said that they are still investigating the incident and added in a statement they issued on Thursday afternoon: “with the initial investigations and data collection, the police suggest that the incident was most likely carried out on national background suspicious and the police are still investigating the incident and considering all options.”