The occupation municipality hands Aref Tutanji a demolition order
April 21, 2015

The employees of the occupation municipality handed the citizen Aref Tutanji a demolition order for his house in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz in Jerusalem. The 59-year old Aref explained that the municipality’s staff along with Israeli police handed him an order to demolish his house on Sunday 19/04/2015 but his lawyer was able to postpone the demolition. Tutanji added that he has been living in the house for the past 15 years with 12 family members in addition to his son and daughter-in-law (they were married 7 months ago). Tutanji pointed out that the house is only 65 square meters and has three rooms. He said: “Despite the small size of the house, we have been living here for years because of the high rent in Jerusalem. My son was unable to rent a house after getting married and was forced to live with us.” He explained that the living room is used in the daytime for guests and at night as a bedroom for his son and his wife. Tutanji said that the municipality’s staff asked the owner of the bricks’ workshop near the house to remove his bulldozers when executing the demolition and threatened him to confiscate his equipment and fine him is he doesn’t follow the orders.

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