The Martyrdom of Ali Abu Ghannam…interrogating his father and raiding his house
April 25, 2015

The 17-year old Ali Mohammad Ali Saeed Abu Ghannam passed away on Saturday early morning after he was shot by the occupation forces stationed at “Z’ayem” checkpoint east of the city of Jerusalem which separated the village from the city. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces shot Abu Ghannam and severely injured him causing his to pass away minutes after. Ali’s father was able to identify the body of his son which was then transferred to “Abu Kbeir” Institute. The forces detained the Martyr’s father and took him to Al-Maskobyeh in West Jerusalem. The father denies the occupation’s claims Ali’s father explained in a phone call that the occupation Intelligence claim that his son tried to stab one of the soldiers at the checkpoint and that he was holding a knife with him. The father was astonished and said: “My son wants to stab a soldier and was waiving a knife!!!” He added that a “DNA” test will be done for his son since he wasn’t holding any identification documents. He also pointed out that the Intelligence told him that he will receive the body in the next few hours and conditioned him to only have 20 people at the funeral which he refused. The interrogator threatened him to bury his son in the “numbers cemetery.” The father also refused to conduct an autopsy on his son’s body. Raiding the house of the Martyr The occupation forces raided and searched the house of the Martyr on Saturday early morning. They confiscated a computer device and a cell phone in addition to some of the Martyr’s personal documents. The follow-up committee in the village of Al-Tur explained that the occupation forces raided the Martyr’s house and assaulted the locals with pepper gas and beating.