Requesting the recordings of “Z’ayem checkpoint” to open an investigation regarding the Martyrdom of Abu Ghannam
April 25, 2015

The lawyers of Al-Dameer organization and Ministry of Prisoners requested to receive the recordings of the surveillance cameras on “Z’ayem” checkpoint to reveal the circumstances of the shooting of the Martyr Ali Mohammad Abu Ghannam. The lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud and Tarek Barghouth, explained that they asked to receive a copy of the recordings during the session of requesting to receive the Martyr’s body. The judge asked the Intelligence to give the lawyers a copy of the recordings if possible. The lawyers confirmed that after the body is received and buried, they will submit another separate request to receive a copy of the recordings of shooting the child Abu Ghannam in order to open an investigation in this case. The occupation police claimed that Abu Ghannam attempted to stab the soldiers using a knife and that’s why they shot him. The family of Abu Ghannam denied the occupation’s story and said that their son left his house and was heading to a relative’s pre-wedding party.