In pictures: Turning the village of Al-Tur into a “military camp” under the pretext of running-over soldiers
April 25, 2015

The Israeli occupation forces turned the village of Al-Tur on Saturday night into a military camp claiming that one young man ran over three soldiers in the village. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that three Israeli soldiers suffered slight to moderate injuries after they were ran-over only meters away from Al-Maqased hospital. A large force including Special Forces, Intelligence, Musta’ribeen (undercover police), police and borders police raided the village of Al-Tur and were deployed in its streets and randomly fired live bullets at the location of the incident. The forces also raided the houses close by the hospital looking for the young man who managed to run away and leave the car. The forces established checkpoints in the streets of Al-Tur and searched several vehicles and also prevented anyone from approaching the scene of the incident; they threatened to use force against those who did not abide by the orders. Witnesses said that the forces stopped a vehicle passing-by in the main street of Al-Tur immediately after the incident and assaulted the driver and injured him with bruises; the paramedics were able to transfer him to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment.

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