Extending the arrest of 11 Jerusalemites including the young man accused of running over soldiers in Al-Tur
April 27, 2015

The Magistrate judge extended last Monday the arrest of Fadi Saleh Jimzawi until 5/5/2015. Fadi is accused of running over soldiers in the village of Al-Tur and is currently being interrogated in “Rooms 20” at Al-Maskobyeh. In a related matter, Al-Dameer organization lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said that the District judge extended on Monday the arrest of Majd Karaki, Mohammad Tayseer Abu Sbitan and Mohammad Qneibi until 17/5/2015. The judge also extended the arrest of Anas Obeid, Mousa Obeid and Adham Abu Nijmeh until 5/5/2015 and Majd Saeed until 7/7/2015 which is when the so-called “conduct officer” will release his report and the judge will sentence him. The lawyer added that the judge decided to release Eyad Burqan with a 500-N IS bail, house arrest for 7 days and a third-party bail of 5 thousand NIS.