The occupation suppresses a sit-in in Al-Tur
April 29, 2015

The occupation forces suppressed on Wednesday a sit-in in the village of Al-Tur that was organized to condemn the closure of one of the main streets in the village with cement blocks as “collective punishment” to the residents after the Martyrdom of the child Ali Mohammad Abu Ghannam. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Israeli Special Forces assaulted the participants of a peaceful sit-in with sound grenades, pushing and beating; they also arrested Yousef Khweis and Amjad Al-Shami. The Center was also informed that two Jerusalemites were injured in their legs with shrapnel of sound grenades. The follow-up committee in the village of Al-Tur explained that the forces assaulted the participants during and after the sit-in and fired grenades towards them even after the sit-in was over in an attempt to provoke them and initiate clashes. Five schools located in the main street of Al-Tur suspended school from the first until the third period also to condemn the closure of Salman Al-Farisi Street. The occupation authorities had closed “Suleiman Al-Farisi” Street with cement blocks. The street is considered the main street of “Khallet Al-Ein” where 3500 people live and there are two schools in the street (elementary with more than 1200 students). Also, there is the cemetery of Mount of Olives and “Suleiman Al-Farisi” Mosque which is one of the main mosques in the area and Mount of Olives Club.