Military arrest campaign hits Wadi Hilweh and el-Bustan
August 30, 2010

A large-scale raid was carried out by the Israeli military across the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Wadi Hilweh and el-Bustan at approximately 3am. Amongst the arrested are: Silwan activist Suad Abu Ramuz (45) and her brother Jawad Abu Ramuz (42), brothers Fiad Siyam (28) and Nour Siyam (20) and the muezzin (cleric who issues the call to prayer) of Silwan mosque, Adam Sumreen (68). Hamza Siyam, brother of Fiad and Nour, was ordered by the military to be present at Muskobiya Jerusalem police station at 8am this morning. Low-level clashes took place between Palestinian residents and Israeli military during the raid. All arrestees are still currently in detention. Four of those taken during the raid were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the clashes that broke out in Silwan last Thursday.

The crier of the Silwan mosque, Adam Sumreen, 68.


The order left by police for Hamza Siyam to be present at the police station later this morning.