Isolating the wife of the Jerusalemite prisoner Omar Shalabi from Jerusalem under the pretext of denying her “family reunion” application
May 25, 2015

The Israeli occupation authorities decided on Monday to isolate the 43-year old Mona Shalabi from the city of Jerusalem after her “family reunion” application was denied for “security reasons”. Shalabi explained that she received the isolation order from the Israeli Ministry of Interior after denying her reunion application; note that she can appeal the decision within 21 days. According to the Israeli Ministry of Interior, they refused Shalabi’s application for security reasons and gave her the chance last February to appeal the decision and submit special documents and appear in front of the concerned authorities but she did not attend and that’s why he r family reunion application was denied; note that she has to leave Jerusalem and can challenge the Ministry’s decision within 21 days. Mona Shalabi is married to the activist and former secretary of Fateh Movement in Jerusalem Omar Shalabi. She had submitted her application 23 years ago and has been living in the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh since then. She has six children who were all born in the city of Jerusalem.