The occupation arrests a child from Esawyeh and injuries
June 16, 2015

Violent clashes broke out on Tuesday night in the village of Esawyeh between the occupation forces and young men and the forces arrested one child and slightly injured five young men with rubber bullets. The field paramedics officer in the Arab Paramedics Union, Fouad Abu Obeid, explained that five young men were slightly injured with rubber bullets during the clashes. Witnesses explained that the occupation forces suddenly raided the village of Esawyeh from its main entrance and turned the entrance into a military barracks for nearly half an hour in which they prevented the residents from entering or exiting the village which led to heavy traffic jams. Witnesses added that the forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets towards the young men, houses and cars sing damage to the windows of many cars and houses; they also arrested the child Rani Tamimi.