What will happen to the family of the Martyr “Ghassan Abu Jamal” after the decision of deporting his wife from Jerusalem!!!
June 17, 2015

The 32-year old Nadia Abu Jamal, wife of the Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal, is living in permanent anxiety and fear for her fate as well as her three children after the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the request of the “Defense of the Individual Center- Hamoked” not to deport her from the city of Jerusalem. The 32-year old Ghassan Abu Jamal passed away on 18/11/2015 after carrying out an attack in a Jewish synagogue in West Jerusalem and the occupation authorities have been punishing his family since then with unjust decisions. Banning her from staying in Jerusalem  Abu Jamal family explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the court responded to the request of “Hamoked” organization and did not agree to the presence of Nadia in the city of Jerusalem. On 13/7/2015, a session will be held at the Supreme Court to discuss the request of “Hamoked” and during this period Nadia is banned from staying in Jerusalem. Immediate sanctions by withdrawing “residency” Nadia pointed out that she was informed by the interrogators that her “residency application” was cancelled after she was interrogated at Al-Maskobyeh in West Jerusalem immediately after the Martyrdom of her husband. Accordingly, “Hamoked” organization followed-up with the matter and sent a letter to the Minister of Interior who issued the decision, and to the Ministry of Interior and the Supreme Court; note that their response was negative every time. Nadia is from the Eastern Sawahreh and had an ID from the West Bank. In 2002, she got married to the Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal and filed a “residency (reunion)” application. She was initially rejected but got the approval in 2009 which allows her to stay in Jerusalem and move freely in between Jerusalem and the West Bank through the Israeli checkpoints; note that she had to renew her residency permit every year. The last time she renewed her residency was in May 2014 and expired in May 2015. Even though she had the permit in the last few months, but the Israeli authorities had cancelled the permit in the systems of all Israeli Departments. She was able to stay in Jerusalem through correspondence and legal follow-ups until a decision was issued two weeks ago to deport her from the city of Jerusalem. Collective punishment to the family of the Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal The occupation authorities did not stop at withdrawing the residency from the Martyr’s wife but also prevented his three children from being treated in the Israeli hospitals and medical centers; note that his 6-year old son Walid has heart problems and the 3-year old suffers from a nerve disease. They also deprived them from receiving benefits and allowance from the National Insurance. At the end of last year, the Israeli court issued an order to demolish the family’s house and the family was forced to immediately evacuate the house. Appeal… Abu Jamal family appealed to international human rights organizations to immediately intervene to overturn the unjust Israeli decision against Ms. Nadia Abu Jamal, which would deprive the children of their mother and their rights and entitlements. The family also expressed their surprise when the so-called "Committee for Humanitarian Affairs of the Ministry of Interior" approved the decision of deporting Nadia from Jerusalem and depriving her from her children.