The settlers’ guard runs-over the child Yousef Shammas in Silwan
June 19, 2015

The 3-year old Yousef Yaser Shammas was run-over by one of the settlers’ guards in Silwan. Witnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center: “The child Yousef Shammas was crossing Wadi Hilweh Street and was surprised by the settlers’ vehicle speeding towards him. The car hit the child and threw him to the ground.” Yaser Shammas explained that his child suffered from bruises, wounds and several pains and was transferred to Hadassah hospital for treatment. He pointed out that the police told the child’s uncle: “The child crossed the street without paying attention.” The father denounced the police’s claims that his son wasn’t paying attention without even investigating the case. According to the witnesses, the settlers’ vehicle was speeding the neighborhood’s street and did not slow down despite the presence of children in the street and in front of the houses. The locals of Silwan suffer from the driving of the settlers’ guards as they deliberately drive recklessly in the streets and narrow alleys of Silwan without considering the lives of citizens and young children in the streets. Many citizens, especially young men are deliberately run-over by the settlers’ guards due to speeding and the Israeli police have yet to take any punitive action against.