Arresting the freed prisoner Daoud Al-Ghoul
June 25, 2015

The occupation police arrested don Thursday the 32-year old freed Jerusalemite prisoner Daoud Al-Ghoul after calling him for interrogation at Al-Maskobyeh police center in Jerusalem. Daoud’s family explained that the police at Al-Maskobyeh requested Daoud to attend an interrogation and then arrested him and extended his arrested until Friday morning to present him to the District court. Daoud is a resident of the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan. The occupation authorities issued a decision on 30/11/2014  to isolate Daoud from the city of Jerusalem for 5 months and on 30/4/2015 the decision was renewed for four more months; note that the decision was made by the Internal Front Commander. Daoud was also banned from travelling abroad from 8/3/2015 until 8/4/2015, and then the ban was renewed on 8/4/2015 for 6 months; note that this decision was made by the Israeli Minister of Interior. He is also banned from entering the West Bank.