Settlers attack the young man Ibrahim Alami and try to choke him
June 28, 2015

Settlers assaulted on Saturday night the 31-year old Jerusalemite Ibrahim Daoud Alami while driving his car in Beit Hanina new street north of Jerusalem. Ashraf Alami explained that three settlers attacked his brother after blocking his was as he was driving his car in the new street of Beit Hanina. Ashraf told Wadi Hilweh Information Center: “My brother Ibrahim was heading to work in West Jerusalem and took the new road in Beit Hanina. A car with three settlers blocked his way and the settlers got off the car and asked him: Are you Arab? He said: Yes.” Alami continued: “The settlers verbally assaulted my brother and then severely beat him. One settler tried to choke him and my brother suffered wounds and bruises in the chest and face.” The settlers managed to fled the scene as Ibrahim was able to defend himself. Alami added that his brother continued driving and headed to work (bus driver at Egged) and his supervisor called the police after noticing the signs of the assault as they were obvious on Ibrahim’s face. The police investigated the matter and transferred him in an ambulance to Hadassah hospital for treatment. 11652236_10152872618372466_13265518_n 11653439_10152872618442466_210813552_n