Pictures and details of closing the house of the Martyr Odai Abu Jamal with reinforced concrete!!!
July 1, 2015

The Israeli occupation authorities displaced on Wednesday (in the month of Ramadan) the family of the Jerusalemite Martyr Odai Abu Jamal after they closed his house with iron blocks and reinforced concrete. The family of Odai Abu Jamal explained that the occupation forces raided the house in the early morning hours and evacuated the residents and then closed it with iron blocks. After the forces withdrew from “Hosh” Abu Jamal, they raided the surrounding of the house once again and requested the residents not to park their vehicles in that area so that the concrete truck can park and pour the concrete inside the house; note that the forces broke some of the house’s windows in order to pour concrete through the windows. Displacement of six individuals Six persons live in the Martyr’s house (his father Abu Ali (54), mother, sister Marwa (29), Ali (23), Mutaz (19) and Mohammad (14). The house consists of five rooms and their facilities and is 300 square meters established since 1936. Raiding and damaging the house’s furniture Odai’s mother explained that dozens of occupation forces raided the family house around 2:30 a.m. supported by the canine unit. The forces deployed in the rooms and facilities of the house while the family members were detained in the kitchen and were prevented from moving. Odai’s mother added: “The occupation damaged the furniture and electric appliances and also deliberately broke the glass containers while emptying the kitchen; they also damaged fruits, vegetables and food. She also explained that the forces prevented them from taking their personal items and needs from the house and forced the family members to evacuate the house within minutes to execute the “demolition order”. The forces moved the furniture using a big truck and placed it in the outside courtyard and then brought iron blocks and closed the doors and windows of the house. She said: “The broke in the house and damaged its furniture in a barbaric way and did not respect the sanctity of the holy month of Ramadan but deliberately decided to punish Abu Jamal family in these days. Calling and arresting Mutaz and Ali Abu Jamal During the raid, the occupation forces arrested the Martyr’s brother Mutaz Abu Jamal and detained him for several hours and then released him on condition of attending an interrogation on Thursday along with his brother Ali. Odai and Ghassan Abu Jamal passed away on 18/11/2015 after they were shot by the occupation forces after carrying out an attack in the synagogue of “Har Nov” in West Jerusalem. The Israeli authorities detained their bodies for one and a half months. At the end of last year (31/12/2015), the Israeli Supreme Court ratified the military decision to demolish the houses of the Jerusalemite Martyrs, Odai and Ghassan Abu Jamal, Ibrahim Akari and Mohammad Ja’abees. Furthermore, the family of Odai explained that they evacuated their house immediately after the decision was ratified and have been moving from one house to another for three months and they were forced to go back to the house since did not have any other place to go to.