Wadi Hilweh Information Center: Two Martyrs, 817 Arrested 310 Minors and 137 Women Amongst them in Jerusalem During The First Half of the Current Year.
July 23, 2015

Wadi Hilweh Information Center: Two Martyrs, 817 Arrested 310 Minors and 137 Women Amongst them in Jerusalem During The First Half of the Current Year.   The city of Jerusalem witnessed During the first half of the year (2015) hundreds of arrests of young men, women and minors and relegating people from Al Aqsa mosque for different periods of time, in addition to that demolishing houses and commercial buildings, but the most prominent of all that the city had witnessed is two Martyrs falling by the occupying forces’ bullets under the pretext of stabbing or hit and run attempts against individuals from the occupying soldiers. WHIC monitored the most prominent breaches in the city of Jerusalem since the beginning of the current year, and they are as follows:   Two Martyrs in Jerusalem WHIC stated that the most prominent Israeli breach in the City of Jerusalem during the first half of the year 2015 was the Occupying forces targeting Jerusalemites and killing them in cold blood under the pretext of trying to execute “stabbing or hit and run” operations. The Center stated that the occupation executed in the month of April the Jerusalemite youth Ali Mohammad Ali Saeed Abu Ghanam 17 years old while passing through the military checkpoint near Al-Za’eim under the pretext of attempting to execute “a stabbing operation at the checkpoint”, noting that there were no witnesses present in the location and the observation cameras at the military checkpoint were not presented. In May the Occupying Forces executed the citizen Omran Omar Abu Dheim 42 years during his presence in Al-Tur village under the pretext of attempting to run over a soldier, noting that he left from his house to his work in Mt of Olives, according to the witnesses an argument started between the forces and the citizen Abu Dheim while trying to turn around in his vehicle from the middle of the road, then they started shooting at him. The Center said: ‘using weapons to kill Palestinians comes as a first choice for the occupying forces, they are not arrested nor injured in locations that are not vital, despite that several months have passed on the murdering of the Martyrs (Abu Ghanam and Abu Dheim) the occupying authorities have not shown any recordings to proof their version of the story.   Arresting 817 Palestinians … with 310 minors and 137 women amongst them WHIC stated that the occupying forces arrested in the first half of the current year (01 – 01 – 2015 until 30 – 06 – 2015) 817 Palestinians, amongst them are 310 Children (minors) including 31 children below “the age of responsibility” and 137 women including 10 minors. The Center added that the arrests included all the Jerusalem neighborhoods and villages which are as follows: Silwan 201 Arrests, Old Jerusalem 170 Arrests, Al Isawiyeh 85 Arrests, Al Tur 80 Arrests, Bait Hanina Arrests, Wadi Al Joz 32 Arrests, Sur Baher and Jabal Al Mukaber 21 Arrests, Shufat 13 Arrests, in addition to random arrests from Shufat refugee camp, Bait Safafa, Al Suwaneh and Anata, in addition to the arrests that took place in the Palestinian inner cities and from the gates and inside of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The center stated that most month that witnessed Arrests is the month of March. Hence 185 Palestinians were arrested, then January and June; each one 150 arrest then the month of May 135 arrest, then April 120 arrest, February is the least month that witnessed arrests with 77 arrests. The month of March witnessed the highest percentage of female arrests which reached 41 women with 4 minors amongst them, then the month of January 27 women with 5 minors amongst them, February 20 women and June 19 women with one young lady, May 16 women with one young lady and April 14 women. As for the children arrested “below the age of responsibility” and they are the ones with an age below 12 years, the youngest was the child Ahmad Ihab Al Za’tari 7 years old, hence he was kidnapped by the Arabists Unit in Wadi Al Joz neighborhood in the city of Jerusalem. Relegating 172 Palestinians from visiting Al Aqsa Mosque Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the occupying Authorities relegated 172 Palestinians from Al Aqsa Mosque since the beginning of the year 2015, amongst them was 103 women, 12 minors for periods between 6 months and a week, some relegation decisions were issued by the occupying police in their interrogation centers, some others by Judges at Israeli Courts and from the internal front commander, Demolishing 28 buildings During the first half of the current year the information center stated that the occupying forces demolished 28 buildings which are 9 residential houses, 3 residential buildings, 6 rooms, 4 commercial buildings, 4 barracks, a balcony and house foundations. The demolishment area’s included the area of Silwan, Jabal Al Mukaber, Al Isawiyeh, Bait Hanina, Wadi Al Joz and Al-Tur,