Israel's Supreme Court Decides to Expel the Children of the Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal from the City of Jerusalem
July 23, 2015

The Israeli Supreme Court refused today on Wednesday the petition made by ‘Hamoked’ to allow the three children of the Martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal to remain in the city Jerusalem under their mothers custody Ms. “Nadia Abu Jamal” The Court gave the Martyrs’ family until the beginning of October to leave to the West Bank. Ma’wiya Abu Jamal –the martyr Ghassans’ brother – stated that the session was held today at the Israeli Supreme Court to discuss the petition made by “Hamoked”, demanding to allow the children of the martyr Ghassan whom are (Walid 6 years, Salma 4 years and Mohammad 3 years) to stay in their house between their family members in the city of Jerusalem and their village that they lived and grow up in with their mother, noting that the Supreme Court had approved a decision made by the Minister of Interior to expel “their mother Nadia Abu Jamal” from the city and erase her application for a Jerusalem Identification card in the end of last May. Abu Jamal added that during the session today the importance of keeping the children with their mother and family in the city of Jerusalem was made clear, expelling them from the city means separating them from their relatives and friends, they will also lose their allowances such as National and Medical Health Insurance, they will also be denied from their school not forgetting their Psychological state they live in since the martyrdom of their Father. Abu Jamal stated that after listening to the claims the Judge refused to allow Ms. Nadia Abu Jamal stay in the city of Jerusalem for any reason, in return and according to the law the custody over the children “when a father passes away goes directly to the mother” and accordingly the children must be expelled with their mother to the West Bank. Ma’wiya Abu Jamal added: “during the session the Judge orally said that the custody over the children must be moved to their family so they can stay inside of Jerusalem, the family were surprised from this, they said: ‘how can we deny the children from their mother after the martyrdom of their father, how can we deny a mother from her children and she is the one that lost a husband, the house and a residency inside of Jerusalem with her family”. Abu Jamal also added: “to be honest, the refusal of the mother to stay with her children means expelling the children from the city of Jerusalem and denying them their rights and benefits. Ma’wiya added that “Hamoked Center” requested from the Supreme Court to allow the wife of the Martyr Ghassan to only remain in the village of Jabal Al Mukabir and give her a residency permit to “only live in the village”, however their request was also refused. The Children Require Special Health care and medical follow ups It is said that the occupying authorities denied the children of the martyr Ghassan from receiving treatment at Israeli Hospitals and medical centers noting that his elder son Walid 6 years has heart problems and the youngest Mohammad 3 years and a half suffers from nerve problems, both of them require special health care and medical follow ups, the authorities also denied them their national insurance allowances. Cancelling and withdrawal of Ms. Nadia Abu Jamal’s application Abu Jamal Family members stated that the application for residency was cancelled and withdrawn from Ms. Nadia Abu Jamal the day Ghassan became a martyr, hence she was informed of this during her interrogation in Al-Maskubyeh Detention Center in West Jerusalem, and accordingly “Hamoked” institution followed up the situation and a formal letter was sent to the Minister of Interior that issued the ruling, to the Ministry of Interior and to the Supreme Court”, their response was negative every time until the final ruling was issued before two months. Ms. Nadia Abu Jamal is from the Eastern Sawahre and has a west bank identification card, in the year 2002 she married to the martyr Ghassan Abu Jamal and applied for a residency form in the begging and was rejected, in 2009 she received an approval for “residency and a permit” so she can live inside Jerusalem and travel between the city and the West Bank only through “the main checkpoints”, and this residency is renewed annually. In his turn the lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud considered the Minister of Interior the decision maker on cancelling the residency application of the martyr Ghassan Abu Jamals’ wife; exiling her from Jerusalem is a serious precedent that came as a punishment for the family after the martyr executed the operation in an Israeli synagogue in the village of Deir Yaseen west Jerusalem at the end of last year. The lawyer Mahmoud added that the Israeli Authorities insist on applying sanctions on Al Jamal family members despite that they have nothing to do with the operation that took place, they did not commit any security violations.